Summit Schedule

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    Welcome to the 2021 Virtual CHW Summit!

    • Welcome to the Summit

    • Logistics (CE and Disclaimers)

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    April 6, 2021 - Stories From the Front Line

    • Live Session Recording: Dr. Denise Hernandez-"Organizational Support for the CHW Workforce"

    • Speaker/Session Evaluation-Dr. Denise Hernandez

    • Pre-recorded Session: Leonore Okwara-"Community Engagement in Research: The Foundation for CHWs"

    • Speaker/Session Evaluation-Leonora Okwara

    • Pre-recorded Session: Quisha Umemba-"Clinical Integration of Community Health Workers"

    • Speaker/Session Evaluation-Quisha Umemba

    • Virtual Exhibitor Booths

    • Recording: Live Q&A with Day 1 Presenters

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    April 7, 2021 - Health Equity for All

    • Live Session Recording: Amber Hinds "Make Your Digital Communications Accessible to People of All Abilities"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Amber Hinds

    • Pre-recorded Session: Kacey Creel-"Advocacy and Allyship"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Kacey Creel

    • Pre-recorded Session: Quisha Umemba-"Reducing Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation - Quisha Umemba

    • Pre-recorded Session: Deitra Dennis-"A Taste of African Heritage Curriculum Overview for CHWs"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation - Deitra Dennis

    • Pre-recorded Session: Jacqueline McLeeland "Fostering a System of Support: The Impact of CHWs in Maternal Health"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation: Jacqueline McLeeland

    • Recording: Live Q&A with Day 2 Presenters

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    April 8, 2021 - Professional Development for CHWs

    • Live Session Recording: Rodney C. Burris-"Inclusive Leadership 101"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Rodney Burris

    • Pre-recorded Session: Alisa Howard-"Crafting a Resume & Cover Letter for the Community Health Worker"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Alisa Howard

    • Pre-recorded Session: Quisha Umemba-"Master Your Virtual Interview"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Quisha Umemba

    • Pre-recorded Session: Susan Stukes-"Oral Health Coaching: Addressing oral health issues of vulnerable populations"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Dr. Susan Stukes

    • Recording: Speed Networking for Community Health Workers

    • Recording: Live Q&A with Day 3 Presenters

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    April 9, 2021- Skill Development for Community Health Worker Instructors

    • Live Session Recording: Quisha Umemba - "EDUTAINING: Virtual Facilitation Skills for CHW Instructors"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation: Quisha Umemba

    • Pre-recorded Session: Alisa Howard- "Mentorship 101"

    • Summit Speaker Evaluation-Alisa Howard

    • Pre-recorded Session: Tasha Whitaker-"3 Tips to Level Up Your Instructor Presentation Skills"

    • Speaker/Session Evaluation-Tasha Whitaker

    • Recording: Live Q&A with Day 4 Presenters

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    Summit Conclusion

    • Thanks for attending!

    • Summit Evaluation

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